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Ukulele "Barocco Incongruente"

“Barocco incongruente” means incongruous baroque and is inspired to baroque guitars from which it takes the peculiar bowl back. Besides its particualr visual aspect, the bowl back has a high stiffness and couples very well with a contemporary carbon fiber/balsa lattice braced soundboard. Under a very vintage (baroque guitars date back to 1600) but original aspect, it hides a contemporary instrument and a very intense sound.


The bowl back is realized with seven pear wood/cypress ribs, giving a high stiffness and a good acoustic response. The red spruce soundboard is very thin and, as for the other instruments i make, the thickness is determined considering the properties of the particular wood piece that is used. The carbon fiber/balsa lattice bracing is alo designed based on material stiffness and structural criteria.

The bridge is made of stained cherry wood to recall the visual aspect of ebony, but avoiding its high mass that otherwise would hinder the acoustic throughput. The bridge shape, as well as the peghead, recalls the particular design of baroque instruments.

The neck and the bindings are made of figured maple. The sides meet on the lower bout on a cypress/pear wood trapezoidal tile that emphasize the wood contrast.