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Mandolino Perfetto was developed in collaboration with maestro Carlo Aonzo and luthier Federico Gabrielli. It has a powerful and rich sound and is the result of a long research in music, science and lutherie in search of the utopian perfect mandolin, from which it takes its name: joking but serious at the same time.

Mandolino Perfetto features several aspects that make it easily playable and suitable for different music styles. It is carefully built to ensure an extraordinary instrument with a rich and powerful sound.

Here you can read a review of Mandolino Perfetto by Robert Margo on the Mandolin Journal, the newsletter of the Classical Mandolin Society of America.

Mandolino Perfetto is completaly hand made in Italy using precious, not endangered woods: Val di Fiemme spruce, curly maple, mahogany, ebony and aniegre and can be safely imported in any country with no restrictions.

Falcate bracing

Mandolino Perfetto soundboard is reinforced wih special curved bracing realized thanks to the masterly use of spruce wood. Braces are reinforced with composite materials.

This configuration allows free vibration of the soundboard, making it very powerful and with a unique timbre.

Ergonomic design

The body of the mandolin is studied to ensure maximum comfort when playing, thanks to the wide and thin armrest.

The neck profile is in between circular and triangular, allowing to play comfortably in every position.

Compensated nut

Most mandolins play sharp on the first frets, often creating annoying dissonance, especially when playing chords or the same note on different octaves.

Mandolino Perfetto‘s nut shape is designed to minimize the intonation errors on the first frets. Together with compensation at bridge, the compensated nut makes the  instrument perfectly in tune along the whole fretboard.

On this page you can find more info on the compensated nut.

The standard nut size (classic italian mandolins) is 25 mm.
Larger nut size of 28.5 mm (1-1/8″) available on request.


The pickguard is designed to protect the soundboard in the most worn spots. The modern design keeps the soundboard light and free to vibrate and produce sound.

Oil finish

Mandolino Perfetto‘s bowlback is made of Aniegre, a precious, highly figured wood that is finished  with a oil-based varnish. This finish enhances the beautiful wood figure.


Mandolino Perfetto is equipped with Dogal RW92 strings.

You can order Mandolino Perfetto online. Click on the button to order it or just to have more information.

Have a look at the  Mandolino Perfetto‘s presentation and Carlo’s concert at Manifiesto Blanco in Milan,  in the video below.