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Resources for luthiers

In this page you can find some products and sevices that I offer to luthiers that are curious to gain a better undertanding of stringed instruments.

Tools for acoustic measurements and instrument design


In the page utilities you can find some helpful widgets. You can use them to design some parts of the instruments based on  scienfic approach. 

Some of the things you can do are:

– Determining the position of frets on fretboards
– Calculating the density os wood boards and wedges
– Calculating the soundboard thickness based on the wood properties

If you want to get a deeper understanding of these topics, take a look at the section on the Workshp of acoustics for luthiers below.  

Internal microphone for spectrum measurement

This little microphone is built to easily measure the instruments spectrum.
The capsule is very small and can be placed inside the instrument box with a smart magnetic positioning system.

It is equipped with a super flexible cable and can be connected to the computer with a regular USB port. It is plug and play and does not require any driver.

The microphone is available in two sizes:

  • Regular size can be used on instruments with large sound holes such as guitars, ukuleles, etc.
  • Miniaturized microphone has a smaller diameter (8 mm) and can easily fit throug violins  and mandolins f-holes.

Workshop of acoustics for luthiers

The workshop is a unique opportunity to empoweer you skills as luthiers by integrating science and technology into your workflow.

The Workshop is a 2/3 day intensive course where theoretical knowledge is applied in practice.

Find out more here: Workshop of acoustics for luthiers

Consultancies and personalized training

Thanks to my experience in research and education, i can offer consultancies and private lessons both to companies and to privates.

In-person training and measurements on instruments

instrument acoustical characterization
Treatment of wolf notes
selection of wood 
design of instruments

Online training on acoustics of instruments
Video calls
Online material