Luthier Martino Quintavalla designs and realizes stringed musical instruments, particularly mandolins, guitars and ukuleles in his workshop in Bianzone, a small village in Valtellina, Italy.

The instruments are conceived starting from the musicians requirements: timbre, intensity and playability and realized with the skillful use of old and new materials and advanced scientific techniques.

Who I am

I have always been a curious person and a lover of handmade objects.  For this reason I decided to build good musical instruments for myself. This triggered the spark that brought me to lutherie. See more

Philosophy and innovation

The instruments i build feature several innovative elements that are often invisible but can be noticed as soon as the instrument is played. These details come from a long research in musical acoustics and materials engineering. See more


All my instruments are unique and realized to meet the requirement of the musicians in terms of timbre, sound intensity and playability, using old and new materials and advanced scientific techniques. See more

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