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"F - Jazz" Mandolin

F – Jazz mandolin recalls typical elements of A and F – style mandolins. These elements are personally interpreted to make a versatile instrument whose sound can span across bluegrass, oldtime and jazzAlong with its sound, this instruments embeds innovative elements that improve its ergonomics, playability and intonation.

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Fast action tuning and super light bridge

Action can be tuned quickly and easily with a 2 mm (5/64″) allen key.

Two adjusting screws integrated in the bridge, allow for independent tuning of the action on bass and treble.

The bridge is extremely light: almost half the weight of a regular bridge, allowing for a high volume throughput.

Precise intonation with compensated nut

The compensated nut is an innovative solution that, together with the bridge compensation, allows for perfectly in tune notes on the whole fretboard, even on the first frets where it provides better results with respect to standard nut and zero fret.

Tuning with minimal friction

Tuning machines are placed on the asymmetrical headstock to provide stright string pull. This configuration minimizes friction and eases tuning operation

The Gotoh Stealth Key tuning machines allow for a very light headstock, making the instrument well balanced and easy to hold. 

Active trussrod with tailpiece-side regulation

The trussrod is regulated from the tailipiece-side. This allows to keep the headstock side of the neck extremely solid, allowing for a thin and very comfortable neck and averting the risk of fracture that is typical of standard headstocks.

The trussrod can be set with a 4 mm (5/32″) allen key inserted beneath the fingerboard. 

Tailpiece with magnetic cover

The brass tailpiece features eight easy anchoring points for the strings and is covered with a wooden cover, held in place by three pairs of strong  magnets.