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"DF - Carbon" Mandolin

DF Carbon was developed together with luthier Federico Gabrielli. It has the typical aspect of a classical mandolin but with a swhallow bowl back that makes it very comfortable to hold and play. The soundboard is reinforced with carbon fiber, making it a very loud instrument, without losing the classical tone, requiring less effort while playing. It has also a increased sustain with respect to traditional mandolins.

DF-Carbon has a bowlback made of 11 ribs and 2 sides made of anigre, a particularly beautiful figured wood. The soundboard is made of Val di Fiemme selected Italian spruce reinforced with carbon fiber. The pickguard is made of elm burl.

DF-Carbon videos

In these videos, professional musician Talia Elisa Benasi performs some themes to compare classic DF and DF-Carbon mandolins.