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"DF - Falcate" mandolin

DF – Falcate mandolin is an innovative instrument designed to produce profound bass and brilliant treble. This goal is achieved with a falcate bracing reinforced soundboard, an absolutely first in classical mandolins. This design provides the mandolin a particularly colored sound, much less percussive with respect to classical mandolins, requiring less effort to produce a good tone.

This mandolin, as for DF and DF – Carbon models, was developed from DF-style mandolin of luthier Federico Gabrielli and features several novelty elements.

Falcate bracing

The soundboard is reinfoced with special curved bracing made of composite material.

This setup avoids to overload the soundboard with excessive weight, allowing it to vibrate freely. The instrument has a high volume and a unique tone.

Compensated nut

Most mandolins play sharp on the first frets, often creating annoying dissonance, especially when playing the same note on different octaves.

DF – falcate nut is realized in Black TUSQ and its shape is designed to minimize the intonation errors on the first frets. Thanks to this compensated nut, the instrument is perfectly in tune along the whole fretboard.

On this page you can find more info on the compensated nut.

Straight string pull

The headstock is designed so that strings go straight from the nut to the tuning machines. This configuration minimizes friction, allowing for an extraordinarily easy tuning

Carbon fiber pickguard

The pickguard is made wth a thin sheet of composite material and is particularly resistent to wear. 

Transparent finish

DF – Falcate mandolin is made of curly maple and is varnished with a transparent oil-based varnish. This finish enhances the wood features, without changing its natural clear color.