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"Leonardo" Mandolin

Leonardo is a modern archtop mandolin built with an ancient technique that involves bending wood with steam, rather than carving it. This approach was developed for baroque instruments and avoids cutting the wood fibers. The resulting soundboard is lighter, less dampened and more resonant, with a beneficial effect on volume and sustain.

Leonardo’s soundboard is made of Val di Fiemme steam-bent Spruce. The back, the sides and the neck are made of cherry wood, while the fretboard, the pickguard and the armrest are made of Blackwood Tek: a sustainable alternative to ebony which possess similar acoustical characteristics but is more stable with respect to humidity changes.

Design and innovative solutions

This mandolin has a very clear and linear design however, it features important technological solutions such as falcate bracing and compensated nut.

The bridge is another fundamental part of the design: simple and light to maximize sound throughput. 

Floating tailpiece with magnetic cover

The brass tailpiece is folating over the soundboard and features a cover which is held in place by strong magnets. This solution allows for easy string change and avoids any noise or rattling.