Workshop of acoustics for luthiers

Understanding the basic concepts of acoustics is an important issue for contemporary luthiers. These task however can be very difficult, especially when the link between theory and practice is not so easy to establish. 

The workshp aims at filling the gap between science and practical experience by keeping the theory at minimum and pointing towards application. In this way, luthers can acquire useful instruments to understand how instruments work and how to design them. 

Besides the scientific approach, the workshop is based on experience: the participants will perform some simple experiements and will be guided in the characterization of materials and musical instruments.

Some of the covered topics are:

  • Physics fo non-experts: introduction to sound waves, vibrations and harmonic oscillators;
  • How string vibrate and how they exert forces at the bridge;
  • Wood properties, soundboard and soundbox vibration ;
  • Bracing: how they work (and how they do not work), how to design bracing in efficient instruments;
  • Acoustic analysis for dummies: how to characterize musical instruments and what information can we get from this analysis.

Who is it for?

This workshop is useful for both professional and amateur luthiers that aim at:

  • Designing and building instruments with a reproducible sound;
  • Giving instruments with a sound that they are looking for;
  • Solve intonation problems (wolf notes, dull notes) of an existing instrument;
  • Understanding the features that characterize an instrument that has a particularly inspiring (or non inspiring) sound and being capable of reproducing them.

How does it take place?

The workshop takes place over two days for a total of 16 hours. It includes several prectical experiences where the theory is applied. Participants are welcome to bring an instrument to characterize.


Basic high school maths, basic experience of instruments building.

Required material

Computer (with a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Calc or similar), microphone and audio board. For those interested, it is possible to buy a microphone with a mini USB board to connect it to the computer. 

Where and when

The workshop will be advertised on the homepage and on this page. It is also possible to organize a workshop with a minimum of 4 interested people by contacting me directly.

          Martino Quintavalla

Martino graduated in Materials Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, where he subsequently got his PhD studying the applications of materials in several fields. After more than 10 years building intruments for himself, he becomes luthier by refining his skills with Master Luthier Federico Gabrielli in Milan and by applying his knowledge to the design and construction of musical instruments. From 2020 he is teacher of acoustics at the Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano.

Upcoming workshops

Are you interested in the workshop? Contact me to organize a workshop in your area.