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Climbolele is a ukulele for climbers and originate from the combination of lutherie and mountaineering passion.  

Although made with traditional materials, it is designed for maximum robustness and ease of use on the wall.

Climbolele features some unconventional details:
  • the Kevlar cord loop at the top neck end provides an easy way to keep it secure or just hang it with a carabiner when using it on the wall
  • the bridge guard: a heat-bent hardwood strip that protects the bridge and the soundboard from striking against the wall or any other objects.


Climbolele is realized using local grown Italian wood. For this reason, each Climbolele is unique and different from all the others.

The Climbolele soundboard is made of spruce: a wood with unique characteristics in terms of lightness and stiffness that, together with a special bracing design originating from mandolins, gives Climbolele a punchy and powerful sound in spite of its relatively small body.

The Climbolele back and sides come from a single piece of wood, providing high resistance and stability.

Climbolele is vegan friendly and assembled using wood species that are not in danger of extinction and using synthetic glue that does not come from animal tissue. The bridge, the capo and the fret dots are also made of wood so that no animal bone or mother of pearl are used.

Tuning and tuning machines

Climbolele is a soprano ukulele with G C E A tuning (also indicated as gCEA, Sol Do Mi La or G4 C4 E4 A4) but can be tuned in the traditional way (A D F# B), if desired. 

Climbolele features Tune-a-Lele Gear Ratio tuning machines: a brand new type of tuners especially designed for ukulele, which are very light and strong and provide a tuning ratio of 6:1 which makes tuning easier with no backlash.

Travelling with Climbolele

Climbolele has a small size and its robustness makes it ideal for travelling. It is possible to disassemble the body and the neck to make it even smaller.