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Each intrument is a unique result, achieved through the collaboration of the musician and the luthier. It is a project where different experiences meet. 

Almost all my instruments are unique and are realized according to the musicians needs in terms of sound, playability and aesthetics. For this reason, the ordering process is an experience in which we will discuss together these aspects to find a personalized solution.

Contact me to order an instrument or for more info.


Policy and ordering time

Since almost each instrument is custom made, I ask a deposit of one third of the final price. This money is used to buy materials and develop the project.
Once the material is purchased, the deposit it is no longer refundable.

The realization process requires a careful planning phase, followed by building and a short period for the fine tuning. This process may last differently, depending on the instrument type and usually requires 6 months.
Once the realization is complete, the instrument is shipped after the paymet of the total amount.