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Contrabbassa is a three-strings double bass (a four string version is also available) with some unique elements: she (Contrabbassa is a lady instrument) was conceived by a customer and was realized putting together fantasy and technology to obtain a new type of instrument.
The most interesting element of Contrabbassa is the removable soundpost. Contrabbassa can be played both bowed and plucked and a lateral soundport allows to quickly and easily insert or remove the soundpost to obtain a different sound: with soundpost: ideal for bowing and classical music, without soundpost: ideal for plucked style with more volume and sustain.

Contrabbassa is equipped with flatwound strings and has a short scale (800 mm or 31.5″) allowing for an easy playing with respect to a standard double bass.

The soundboard is made of Val di Fiemme spruce. Back, sides and neck are made of local cherry wood which I have personally cut down, sawn and seasoned.


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