HA - Mandolin

HA Mandolin is a  A-style mandolin thought for bluegrass and folk music. 

HA means Half-Archtop, a particular design featuring a carved archtop soundboard and a flat back providing a sound that is that of an archtop mandolin but with a gentle touch of classical.

HA mandolin design

Although made with traditional materials, it is designed with an acoustical and materials engineering approach to realize a light, yet resistant soundboard. This particular design provides high sound throughput but maintaining a good balance between high and low notes.

This mandolin also features a carbon fiber trussrod, making the neck very stable and allowing to maintain a low action (2.2 mm action on G-side and 1.7 mm action on E-side @12th fret) for a good  fretting feel and playability, in conjunction with the relatively short string length of 340 mm.

HA Mandolin materials

HA mandolin is realized using local grown Italian wood. The soundboard is made of 10+ year seasoned red spruce from Val di Fiemme.  Back, sides and the neck are made of figured alpine beech, cut down and seasoned personally by Martino Quintavalla. Figured cherry wood is used for the armrest and pickguard.

The bindings around the instrument and the f-holes are made of solid maple. Capo and bridge are made of true bone.

The mandolin is varnished by hand with an oil and resins varnish, according to a historical receipt of 1500. Seven layers are applied before the vanish is polished by final hand buffing.